Inauguration of website : On 27-01-2009 at Sartaj Hotel, Ranchi

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Inaugural Statement of Mr. Saryu Roy

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Fodder Scam investigation and Trial Blatant Violation of Article 14 and other Articles under part III of the Constitution of India aimed at Brutal Butchery of Justice by Mr. Kadalkarai Arumugham, I.A.S. (Retd.).

Dedicated to the Cause of Justice and to the Tormented and Departed Souls of :

  • Late Mr. Harish Khandelwal who committed suicide in May 1997.
  • Mr. A. K. Tudu who was found dead in his ward in Beur Jail on 28-4-1998.
  • Mr. Bholaram Toofani, who succumbed to his self inflicted stab injuries.
  • Mr. Chandradeo Prasad Verma who died of shock to learn that he would have to undergo the ordeal of going to Ranchi Court within a week again.
  • Mr. P. K. Jaiswal who died in judicial custody for want of medical care.
  • Mr. O. P. Gupta who also died in judicial custody for want of medical care.
  • Mr. Vinod Chirania who committed suicide after hearing his conviction.
  • Mr. Bishun Swaroop Agarwal who died in judicial custody for want of medical care. 
  • Dr. Chandra Bhushan Dubey who died of illness caused by depression.

Dr. Shyam Bihari Sinha who died in a pathetic and mysterious condition.

All of them lost their lives fighting the mighty CBI.

As on 01-08-2008 there were 2,18,000 items on FODDER SCAM in the GOOGLE website. They are all news items gathered from various sources. But none of them gives the total picture of the scam. This website is an attempt to inform the Nation about the suppressed facts about the fodder scam, its motivated investigation by the CBI and the trial only shielding and supporting the criminal misdeeds of the CBI officers.

The CBI investigation was predetermined, blatantly partial and torturous aimed at ruining the lives of selected individuals and at the same time protecting the real culprits. The trial protected the unruly CBI officers, adding untold misery to the lives of 1000s of innocent persons, resulting in Judicial Dishonesty bordering on Judicial Arrogance, Judicial Tyranny and Judicial Terrorism.

The only exceptions were Mr. Justice B. P. Singh of Patna High Court and later Supreme Court Of India, Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir, Former Chief Justice, Jharkhand High Court, presently Supreme Court of India, Mr. Justice B. P. Sharma, Mr. Justice D. P. Sinha of Patna High Court and Mr. Justice Chandramouli Kumar Prasad of Patna High Court and later Acting Chief Justice and Mr. S. K. Pathak, learned Special Judge (CBI) Patna and Mr. H. P. Chakravarthy Special Judge, (CBI) Ranchi who ensured justice without any prejudice towards the accused in spite of pressure from CBI through various methods particularly by sensationalizing the cases through Press.

Forced Suicides

Mr. Harish Khandelwal : The first victim to the physical and mental torture of the CBI investigation was Late Mr. Harish Khandelwal. Unable to gear the torture he committed suicide by throwing himself before a running train at Dhanbad railway station in May 1997. A press report that had appeared at that time may be seen at the next page. The State CID had prepared Charge sheet years ago, but the has been kept pending foe want of sanction for prosecution from the Director, CBI as revealed by the brother of Mr. Harish Khandelwal.

First, the case was registered as U.D. Case No. 18/97. Later, the Dhanbad GRPS started investigation into the matter and registered another Case No. GRPS 29/97.

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Mr. Vinod Chirania : Mr. Vinod Chirania Committed suicide by jumping from the top of his house in Kolkatta after reaching his home in Kolkatta immediately after the judge declared him guilty. Two press reports and a letter his elder brother Mr. Om Prakash Chirania sent to the P.M. may be seen after the press report about Mr. Harish Kandelwal.

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Tortured Deaths
Mr. A. K. Tudu : Mr. A. K. Tudu was Treasury Officer and was an accused. He was a patient of severe Asthma and was in the jail hospital from the day he was sent to judicial custody. His financial condition was such that he could not apply for bail. Some of the jail inmates taking pity on him requested Mr. Jenardhan Rai, senior Advocate to apply for his bail. When he asked Mr. Nagenar Rai, his junior to prepare the application, his junior asked who would pay the fee. On this Mr. Janardhan rai told him none would pay ant fee and we should do every thing on our own. Accordingly the bail application was filed. Mr. Tudu was so weak that he was lifted by his son and brought to the court located in the first floor of the building. The inhaler fell down and Mr. Tudu was not able to even pick it up.
Pointing out the condition of Mr. Tudu, Mr. Jenardhan Rai pleaded for bail saying that bail might be granted so that he could dia among his family members as death was immanent The petition was heard on 21-04-1999 and as no order was being passed Mr. Nagendar Rai reminded Mr. S. K. Lal the Judge for order on 23-04-1999. No order was passed. On 28-04-1999 Mr. Tudu was found dead in his ward in the jail hospital Mr. S. K. Lal passed an anti dated order rejecting the bail Copy of a Condolence Resolution passed on 28-04-1999 may be seen here.

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Mr. Bola Ram Toofani : Sri. Bola Ram Toofani,  Minister of caste and late Cabinet Minister, AHD was a veteran freedom fighter. He was Mehethar (Scavenger) by caste and taking the guise of his caste profession, he used to carry bomb in the bucket of night soil during the freedom struggle. Even after becoming Minister he lived a simple life, never wore even pressed clothes, and there was not even a slight change in his life style / standard of life of his children His son who owned and managed a ‘paan shop’ was still managing the the same ‘paan shop’ even during the tenure of his father as Minister and now also owns and manages the same 'paan shop' for his living. Sri. Toofani can be called any thing, say, simpleton but not corrupt and dishonest. Accused if being a member of a conspiracy to loot government treasury, he felt so much upset that he tried to commit suicide by piercing a knife into his stomach. Though he survived the attempt to commit suicide, he never recovered from the shock and died a dejected man.